Equipment financing and it’s heavy impact

To get the task done, every process requires standard equipment, which can be costly. If you can’t afford it all at once, financing your equipment can be the best solution. Having enough money to cover the total cost of your purchase will help you avoid the financial strain of spending thousands of dollars on new or used machinery. You should completely understand what equipment financing is and whether it is good for you before making this decision.

The different kinds of equipment financing 

Equipment loans are asset-based loans that are specifically designed to help firms fund machines. Many lenders want security up front in order to secure money, however the equipment is collateral in and of itself with this financing. It will secure your loan without the need for a down payment. One of the advantages of financing your equipment is that once you’ve paid it off in full, you own it outright. Depending on the type of equipment finance loan you get, you may be able to obtain more assets for your company.

A prosperous business is one that is in good health. Lenders value a company’s good status because it demonstrates that you are a responsible business owner. They want to know that they can rely on you to repay them in a timely fashion. Many borrowers are concerned because they assume their credit score determines whether or not they will be approved. Some lenders may work with you if your credit score is as low as 450. As significant as your credit score is, lenders assess other variables when deciding what your alternatives are; length of credit history and monthly income are also taken into account.

How it works

It’s critical to choose the greatest solutions for your company. When hunting for funds, being eager might generate a lot of stress. To prevent making costly mistakes, conduct study and approach the situation with a clear head. The majority of lenders now allow you to apply and use their services online. The majority of application forms now take less than five minutes to complete. Whether accepted or rejected, the results will be received immediately. Even if you are denied, you should improve on the areas where you are lacking and reapply when your business is in a better position. After you’ve been approved, you might get your money in as little as 24 hours. The faster you get your finances, the faster you can get your equipment.

Every firm has specific requirements, and these need may involve some additional capital to assist with operating costs. The more value you put into your company, the better the results will be. When heading into something, it’s critical to be certain of your game plan.

Refinancing options

Periodic payments and interest fees are part of any lending plan. To help finance their agreement, some lenders want collateral. Equipment financing is advantageous because the apparatus itself can serve as collateral. You’re the owner of your equipment once you’ve paid it off completely.

You may be able to obtain additional assets for your firm or even a personal guarantee, depending on the financing. It’s critical to stick to a repayment plan; failing to do so could result in the repossession of your business and personal assets.

According to the Census Bureau, building spending in the United States was estimated at $1.33 trillion on a seasonally adjusted basis in December 2019.

What’s the takeaway? You’ll almost certainly need a new piece of equipment at some point, as well as some type of funding.

Here are some funding choices to think about.

Equipment financing: The final breakdown

Both loans and leases are available for conventional heavy equipment financing. When you take out a loan, the equipment you buy serves as collateral for the amount you borrow. What exactly does this imply? If you fall behind on payments and are unable to make up the difference, the lender may seize your equipment to recuperate damages. Construction equipment financing is frequently considered less of a risk for lenders because these lenders can reduce their risk.

It’s crucial to understand the difference between leasing and renting. To begin with, leasing usually necessitates longer lease durations than renting. Leasing terms are usually binding, which means you can’t return the equipment early without incurring penalties.

NYTG: The right choice for you

New York Tribeca Group intends to help you obtain the capital you require for your company. With us, your organization is in good hands. We endeavor to provide you with the most bang for your buck. If you have huge plans for your business, we’ll do everything we can to make them a reality. Obtaining a company line of credit should be a straightforward process, and that is precisely what we strive for. Every step of the way, we’ll assist you in getting your company up and running. We make the process easy for you and your company, from application to processing. One of our representatives will be pleased to assist you. Give us a call or fill out an application online!

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This kind of financing is where lenders disrupt loans to help provide you access to equipment for your business. This allows you the ability to own your equipment outright. 

With this kind of financing, you have the option to use your funds to loan or lease.

After approval for an equipment loan, you’ll make periodic payments over time including interest and fees.

Collateral may be needed as a lien against your debt. After paying off the loan in full, the equipment is officially yours. 

The options are endless when it comes to the equipment that you can finance.

We know that being in the business can be costly, and run you up a hefty bill. 

  • Printers and copy machines
  • Furniture (chairs and tables for restaurants)
  • Computer monitors
  • Industrial equipment

We’re here to supply you with whatever your business needs.


Leasing does come with its advantages over financing. This doesn’t require any kind of down payment to retrieve the equipment upfront. 

The drawback of leasing comes with potentially paying more in the long run.

With equipment financing, you can use the money to repair, purchase, or lease the equipment you need, no additional collateral necessary, and increase your sales for business. 

Unfortunately, these loans are only restricted to equipment and can run you higher traditional loan rates. 

  1. Is an equipment financing loan right for me? 

As a business owner, you ultimately make the final decision on whether or not equipment financing is the best decision for you.

It’s all about doing your research and having your numbers and blueprints ready on hand. We can help you narrow down your options and make the right choice for you and your business.

It’s simple! Just fill out our online application or give us a call and speak to one of our representatives who can help guide you through it. 

Upon applying, review your business’s following: 

  • Annual/Monthly Revenue
  • Length in Business
  • Credit Score

We review these factors to help make our final decision. Meeting minimal requirements still gives you a likely chance

At NYTG, we prefer that your business have an overall healthy status. This includes being in business for some time, having a good monthly revenue coming in, and making payments on time where it’s due. 

A healthy business is vital because it gives the overall summary of how your operations have been running. A good credit score is important but it is not the major key to making or breaking your approval rate for a line of credit.

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