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The aviation industry has shown exceptional growth over the past few years, indicated through the increased need for commercial aircraft financing. New York Tribeca Group has partnered with numerous businesses to provide the working capital necessary to lease and purchase aircrafts, allowing aviation companies to expand and thrive.

When operating a business, one of the biggest challenges can be having access to enough growth capital. This is all the more true in a high cost industry such as aviation.

New York Tribeca Group provides aviation business owners with a variety of funding options to find a program that best suits their needs. From standard funding to debt consolidation, New York Tribeca Group structures each business’s financing solution to fit its individual cash flow and growth goals.

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How to qualify for commercial aircraft financing

Accessing funding for your business is now easier than ever. With online technology, funders can now easily underwrite a business with minimal paperwork and documentation required.

Here’s what you’ll need to qualify:

  • Healthy business history
  • Solid business plan
  • 550+ credit score

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What is the difference between commercial aircraft financing and purchasing

Business owners looking for financing for commercial aircraft financing and purchasing can find a solution with New York Tribeca Group. But that still leaves the question, should you lease or purchase your aircraft?


Aircraft purchases are considered expensive to begin with, then you factor in that you may be obtaining an entire fleet. Newer airlines and budget airlines typically prefer to lease so there is more working capital available. Over a third of all commercial aircraft flying today are leased.

Available working capital could be limited, as it often is with airlines for a variety of reasons, to either purchasing one plane or financing a fleet. Newer planes are also less prone to breaking down and also have lower maintenance costs thereby limiting residual value risk. However, aircraft tax depreciation deductions are usually not available to the lessee as the lease is listed on the balance sheet as operating expenses, similar to fuel.


Purchasing huge numbers of aircraft can tie up considerable capital and weigh down balance sheets, which is not viable for many airlines. Purchasing does however increase collateral, decrease interest, and allow for the “sale and leaseback” model.

In a “sale and leaseback model,” an airline purchases aircraft, sells them to leasing companies and then leases them back to use. This is due to the fact that airlines can often acquire aircraft from manufacturers at lower prices than leasing companies.
Whichever you choose, industry studies show the aircraft industry is taking off. Travel has increased with the economy, and millennial’s have become more experience oriented than materialism causing the generation to prefer traveling and trips to commodities and items.

Passenger airlines along with cargo air transport and air mail provide enough of a market to offset rising oil prices and international taxes and tariffs.

Commercial Aircraft Financing Providers

When looking for a commercial aircraft funder, it can be tough to find a lender with enough financial resources to provide you with the amount of funding you need. It may take a few applications or perhaps more collateral or higher rates, but the below options should provide funding.

Small business loan
Loans can come from many providers such as a bank, a credit union or the Small Business Administration. While loans have favorable rates and terms compared to other providers, they also have government restrictions and strict funding guidelines so it can be hard to qualify for.

Line of credit
A line of credit is a lot like a credit card, except with bigger amounts. A business line of credit can provide revolving credit for your business to use, a common option with leasing equipment that provides substantial returns while in use, such as an aircraft. A funder gives you a maximum credit limit to spend and you only spend what you need, meaning you only pay interest on what you use, nothing more. This is great for businesses who have fluctuating or continuous cash flow needs and prefer more term flexibility than what a loan can offer.

Merchant cash advance
Within the merchant cash advance sector of finance there are different types of funding such as debt consolidation, credit card splits or standard funding for the purchase of future receivables. Alternative funding has higher rates and shorter terms, but has more relaxed qualifications allowing for business owners rejected by banks to gain access to working capital. This would be ideal for a business with several debts already acquired or who needs money as soon as possible.

 Asset based financing

If you already have equipment or inventory assets, this might be the program for you. Lenders prefer more liquid assets such as cash (invoices, investments, purchase orders) but will still offer funding with collateralized assets. Borrowers who have maxed out their current credit limits and debts with vendors and banks can use this option to purchase raw materials.

Get Consulting

Aviation consultancy is offered by New York Tribeca Group for business owners looking to discuss their options for commercial aircraft financing. Debating between leasing and purchasing? Call us and we can discuss your cash flow and overhead expenses to find the best fit for your business. Wondering which terms you should go with, 6 months, 12 months? New York Tribeca Group funding specialists are always happy to help you discover and access the best financing plan for your aircraft business’s growth. The needs of the aviation industry don’t stop at commercial aircraft financing. NYTG can provide funding for additional aspects of the industry such as:

  •  Airport expansion – Airport operators looking to add additional terminals, purchase additional airports or begin other construction projects can get the financing to do so with us!
  •  Airline planning – Expansion often causes a new logistics plan and flight schedule. When expansion causes a ripple effect of changes, you can obtain financing to smooth out the adjusting cash flow.
  • Staff hiring – Every plane leased will need pilots, flight attendance, maintenance crews and ticketing employees. When your company needs funding to cover the initial costs of hiring and training new staff for your plans, we can renew your funding with us to help with the additional costs.
  • Equipment upgrades and repairs – No matter if you lease or purchase, aircrafts always need maintenance for regulation safety. There’s no need to fear the upkeep of your new fleet with New York Tribeca Group as your funding partner.
  • Helicopter and other – Any form of aircraft can be financed, not just limited to airplanes and helicopters. Have a unique flight business that needs financing? We’ll try our best to provide a program that suits your business.
  • And more!

New York Tribeca Group is an expert in financing the aircraft industry. We have the capital to fund large purchases enough for one or several aircrafts. Our terms are designed with the cash flow of airlines and airport operators in mind. Call us today or apply online to see how commercial aircraft financing can help your business soar.

Got some questions?

Commercial aircraft financing is the financing for the purchase, lease, and operations of aircraft. 

It’s not limited to just the models itself but includes airports, runways, staff, and any additional equipment needed for your aviation business. 

This financing works similar to a mortgage payment; mostly interest with little principal paid monthly for the first few years. 

The principal will increase while the interest will decrease over time. 

The numbers which determine your interest and fees will be discussed upon approval of your application.

Newer airlines and budget airlines prefer to lease to have more working capital available.   

Purchasing increases collateral, decreases interest, and allows for “sale and leaseback model.” This is when an airline purchases aircraft, sells them to leasing companies and then leases them back to use. 

To find out which works best for your business, feel free to give us a call and we can help you decide. 

From helicopters to airplanes, aircraft financing covers a wide variety of aircraft options. Here are just  a few more options to choose from: 

  • Airport expansion
  • Airline Planning
  • Staff Hiring
  • Equipment Upgrades and Repairs

We have the capital to fund large purchases enough for one or several of these choices. Our terms are designed to make sure you can finance any of your aircraft needs.   

The real pros and cons of aircraft financing come down between whether to purchase or lease with your finances. 

With purchasing, you’re guaranteed ownership, title security, and liquidation. The major downside of owning is having less funds to access.

By leasing, there is less capital incentive, shorter payback periods, and no tax deprecations. Leasing does come with more restrictions since you are borrowing from someone else. 

There will be interest rates and fees down the line but they will be included in repayments.

Since aircraft operations are costly, you may go through trial and error with finding a lender who can approve your application. 

We want to provide you with a simple and easy process and that’s just what we give you. Fill out  our online application , it takes no more than 5 minutes! Feel free to also give us a call and speak to one of our representatives who can help guide you through it. 

Please be mindful that we review the following factors to make our final decision about your application:

  • Annual/Monthly Revenue
  • Length in Business
  • Credit Score

Different lenders mean different qualifications. At New York Tribeca Group, we prefer that your business be in good standing. A healthier business gives you a better success rate. 

Having a good credit score is a major key but it won’t be the make it or break it factor for your application. 

A helpful tip:have a game plan ready to execute. It makes things easier for your business down the line.

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